Conflicts and responsibilities

General conditions of sale:

payments are due as per the date specified on the invoice, without discount, by cheque, bank transfer, or cash.

Any amount not paid at the stipulated date gives rise, in accordance with the legal provisions, to the payment of penalties for delay which is 5 times the legal interest rate. Penalties are due the day after the date indicated on the invoice, without any reminder necessary and are calculated on the invoice amount not including taxes.


In case of discontent or a conflict with a member of our team, we ask you to contact directly one of the veterinarians associated with the clinic. Your application will always be listened to, studied and we will try to respond as best as we can.

Equine activity is often stressful. Owners, beyond the emotional feelings they may have with regards to their sick horse will often be faced with a financial issue in order to have access to intensive care. The veterinarian in charge of the case will best inform the owner of different therapeutic and financial choices. An agreement will be sent with information on the type of intervention and the most common complications.

A quote will always be transmitted before surgery. But one must always remain aware that a complication is always possible, and that it will then lead to additional costs to the owner.

It is always possible, every day, to get the balance of the costs incurred on your pet who is hospitalised, by making contact with our office.