This infection is usually caused by a fungus from the Aspergillus family. The guttural pouch is located between the pharynx and the inner ear. Several blood and nerve vessels pass through the guttural pouches. The main symptom of fungoid diseases of the guttural pouches is epistaxis(nosebleed). It results from a lesion on one or more blood vessels, caused by the infection. Dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) may also be present if the infection and inflammation spread to the branches of the nerves that pass through the pouches.

The preferred surgical technique is the intra-arterial embolization with coils. This technique is performed in our clinic and, in some cases, is performed on standing horses to avoid general anesthesia; often the animal may be low, due to loss of blood. Significant blood loss may sometimes require a transfusion.It is possible to proceed in the local treatment of fungal infections with anti-fungal drugs.

These are applied directly to the injury under endoscopic control.

The prognosis varies depending on the clinical signs observed and the response to treatment.

intra-arterial embolization with coils “under fluoroscope”in this case, the procedure was carried out on a horse whilst standing