Whether in addition to examinations for lameness, for a pre-purchase visit, for images of the chest or the head, radiography is the choice to detect all bone problems.

The clinic has several modern and high-performance ultrasound capabilities including:

  • ultrasound of tendons and ligaments,
  • abdominal and thoracic ultrasound,
  • echocardiography,
  • guided ultrasound and monitoring of breeding mares.

Thanks to the digital image storage, our team can better follow the evolution of the condition affecting your horse as well as its response to different treatments.

 Echoguided injection inside the tendon

Endoscopy, digestive or respiratory, is a technique that allows you to see live, in colour and movement, through cameras of very small diameters – from the inside of the nostrils, advancing to the bronchi and the inside of the mouth to the beginning of the intestines.

The fluoroscope, is a device which allows continuous radiographic image streaming.

It is a dynamic utility that is indispensable during certain high precision surgeries

(fracture, mycosis guttural pouches…).