The Clinique du Grand Renaud has all the equipment necessary for standard blood tests canine, feline and equine. Haematology and biochemistry are two additional explorations.Haematology

Provides the count and the formula of blood cells from the animal.


This review provides information specifically on the state of operation or disruption of a body, or a system.


It highlights the parasitic state of an individual at a given time.


It provides information on the cellular populations present within a sample: abdominal fluid, tracheal wash, masses.

Additional analyses

Samples are sent to approved laboratories: biopsies, serology, PCR, bacterial and fungal cultures with resistance and sensitivity, mycology…

Tests comprising of immunology are available at the clinic (snap foal, FIV/FeLV test, parvovirus test).


The clinic has a cool room to preserve the corpses before a possible autopsy is conducted in an approved centre.