As lameness is one of the most often encountered diseases in horses, regardless of discipline, it is also therefore one of the leading activities of the clinic. Clinique du Grand Renaud has extensive facilities to explore, identify, and treat lameness. A fully equipped radiology room is available, to carry out x-ray examinations and ultrasound. Portable x-ray equipment makes it possible to carry out examinations outside and on site visits for pre-purchasing. A sand surface lunge ring allows examination in movement of lameness and a Lameness Locator ® specialized device is available at the clinic to explore little marked lameness or to clarify the effectiveness of diagnostic local anesthesia.

Flexion test Lameness testing in the lunge ring

Certain treatments for lameness are achievable thanks to the presence of equipment such as the ultrasound system allowing for deep infiltration. Moreover, shockwaves are also used in the treatment of angular deviations in foals, desmopathies or in the case of reduced mobility or back pain. Finally, IRAP injections are achievable on the premises. Blood is taken and is incubated in special tubes for 24 hours. After centrifugation, the IRAP injection can be carried out in the joints to reduce osteoarthritis.

ORTHOShockwave treatment of the hock