Arthroscopy is a “minimum invasive” surgery, a small incision is made and thearthroscope is inserted into the joint. In this way, the interior of the joint can be seen andthe fragments of osteochondrosis (OC) removed.

If the horse is cooperative, it is possible to remove OC fragments located on the front of the phalanx, whilst under sedation; thus avoiding general anesthesia. Arthroscopy is the technique of choice for the treatment ofbacterial infections in the joint where its use improves the prognosis.

The clinic is also capable of treating cystic arthroscopic corticosteroid injection.


Many fractures in horses can be successfully repaired by osteosynthesis. The clinic has a fluoroscope (intensifier) that allows us to see in real time the fracture lines and the correct positioning of the screws and plates. With this device, the surgery time is considerably shortened.

Fracture of the main metacarpalFitting a plate under general anesthesia